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About Us

About Us


Impact Marketing was founded in 2006 to provide the businesses of every size strategic marketing services that go beyond the execution services provided by many advertising and interactive agencies. Impact Marketing offers its clients a unique value proposition: cost-effective executive-level marketing consulting, for long and short term engagements. We are a strategic marketing consulting company that combines Fortune 500 expertise with practical business savvy to create results-driven marketing solutions to drive business growth.


Impact Marketing's team is flexible and adaptable to address changing client needs and competitive variables. Impact Marketing has helped the spectrum of business change and adapt quickly to today's competitive and complex business environment. Integrating digital and social media into their marketing mix while keeping traditional strategies that have worked for them in the past.


Impact Marketing has guided companies through the digital transformation to develop the marketing tools to drive their business growth. We have become for many of our clients, the “in house” marketing expert that collaborates on strategy, drives execution and manages results.


We are proud that our creativity has garnered awards and achieved widespread press coverage but we are most proud of the businesses that we have helped grow, evolve and compete in the new era of marketing.

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